2017 – A Race to the Finish


My name is Cara.

This past year or so has had a lot of change for me.  I survived the first year as a divorcee; left my long time job working with entrepreneurs in a CareerTech incubator; tried to sell my house; took a four month long excursion to Colorado where I explored tech, lived out of my car and hiked a lot; started my MBA; swallowed my pride and came back to Oklahoma; moved back in to the house I had tried to sell; began doing more consulting and contract work; took a field rep role for a PR company on a large utility project; AND at the urging of friends, family, financial advisers, etc. have started this podcast.  I needed to launch it before the end of 2017 so that I could justify expenses made concerning more grad school, professional development and my adventures.

2015 was the year I recognized a need, 2016 was the year I took action (that is still accompanied by doubt and some regret) and 2017 was the year I mastered eating a sh!t sandwich.  It felt like everything I tried did not work, but 2017 also allowed me to become an expert on resilience.  Seriously.  I basically melted all my hair off in a series of bad DIY/impatient decisions and I had to ask for help more times than I had in my previous 33 years on planet Earth. But, I’m still standing and still smiling.

This podcast won’t be perfect.  Especially in the beginning.  I have no idea what I’m doing…I’m just going to let the mistakes show and let it be a lesson in applied learning.  Maybe it will help someone or they can relate or laugh…who knows?

This blog isn’t perfect and neither is my grammar – I’m not even going to try to fix the paragraph long run on sentences.  I want this to be genuine and authentic.

I hope you find my guests interesting or entertaining.  I hope that you don’t care if it’s got a lot of rabbit holes and tangents.  The descriptor I’m submitting to the distribution channels says this podcast will have some startup and small business content, human interest, humor, music, arts, conspiracy theory, local lore and more.  The only promise I make is that it will be colorful.  That might be about the topic, the language, personal experience, you name it.

Thank you for your support.  Also, Support is the theme of episode one.  We recorded it on the second to last day of the year because I apparently put the PRO in procrastinate.

Here’s to 2018. And to quote my friend Jodie, I’m going to put the FRONT back in confrontation as I take this coming year head on.  And to quote a role model that will remain nameless, “We don’t wear glasses on our asses.”  Cheers to a colorful new year!


First blog post

I’m just going to leave this because it makes me laugh.  Seconds ago I was having a moment of pride at having completed my first blog post about 2017 and what to expect from this podcast.  After hitting publish I went to colorfulpodcast.com and started clicking through the tabs and saw this.  So, I clicked edit – and edit I have – except I’m still leaving this, stock photo and all.  Below is what wordpress had to say.  The picture looks like a place I’d like to visit.  I also noticed that there are other “lorum ipsum” sections that I don’t even know how to find in “my sites” to customize.  So, it looks like this website will also be an applied learning experience.  Such is life.

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