Torch and Hatchet

Sam Vadder and Michael Flach of Torch and Hatchet share the story of their business and really talk about providing value to the customer.  They are great, talented guys who outside of easily breaking down the right side of the business model canvas are also building me an earthship.  And, they make beautiful furniture.  Torch and Hatchet is the sister company to Monkey Wrench Plumbing which I hope to have on an episode soon.  Today we discuss marketing, customer validation and creative problem solving.  Thanks for listening to That’s Colorful!


Episode 1…FINALLY

Numero Uno is all about support.  We talk about friendship, partnership, building others up and laugh a lot. There’s a few F-bombs.  Not many, but fair warning.

Guests: Tammy Wilson, Jodie Sanchez and Jacquie Holt
Recorded: 12-30-17

I open up the episode with an introduction to That’s Colorful by sharing that this is really rough audio.  I don’t know what I’m doing and it will get better.  The series is based on entrepreneurship, community and art.  Every episode will vary in topic, but for consistency I’m going to try to ask 4 things: something colorful, something you’re reading, something you’re listening to and something you’re watching.

Jacquie’s voice mail and the prequel audio of Sarah Kay and I trying to figure stuff out will be posted separately.

Thanks for listening to That’s Colorful!