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Community and Tech Trends – TC 007

Awkward pauses and random thoughts plague this first solo episode celebrating #techtuesday. I can’t believe I missed the fact that this is 007 – should have talked about James Bond tech.  This episode is about building community and tech trends.  Some of it is kind of rough.  I swear and say umm too much.  It’s very Enid centric and rambly.  Thank you for listening to That’s Colorful.  As always, we will get better 🙂


Little Okie Land – TC 006

Tonya Little shares about her work on capturing the history of Red Dirt and we learn about some of her entrepreneurial forays.  She has some great stories and I love how she incorporates magic and whimsy into everything from her home to her blog and more.  You might know her as #goddessinthekitchen or for her love of the 90s, but she is so much more.  I’m always intrigued to hear about other people’s writing process and I can’t wait for her to finish so I can read it.  Thanks for listening to That’s Colorful!


Margaret Smith – Episode 005

Margaret is so much fun.  I love her energy and voice and would totally search her out as a narrator on Audible.  Margaret shares about her career, starting businesses and adventures with Keith like the Dairy Mart and Random Art House.  We laugh about my painting skills, but she assures me its okay because I gave of myself.  I hijack the intro with a soapbox about the awesomeness of Main Street and we laugh and laugh and laugh.  I hope this episode inspires you and I hope you start calling yourself a “podder” – Thank you so much for supporting That’s Colorful!


Boomerangs, Flexibility and the Lance W. Neagle

Lance Neagle discusses his choice to both leave Oklahoma and come back.  We talk about some of our college experiences.  He shares that while he doesn’t work as a chemical engineer or attorney, his background helped him develop both sides of the brain and how our unique pathways and experience help us in our current roles and careers.  There is a lot of laughing in this episode.  Please forgive that this isn’t directly about entrepreneurship, but it has lots of gems that can help make us better employees and illustrates the powerhouse that is Northwest Oklahoma.  As always, thanks for listening to That’s Colorful!


Conscious Cleaning – TC 003

Today’s episode features Kelli Cowan.  We talk about all kinds of things…most of it circled around niche marketing, going back to school as an adult and listening to yourself and trusting yourself to do the unexpected.  Audio is still kind of a challenge.  Someday this will be professionally produced and you’ll look back at these first few episode with the same nostalgia as your favorite band’s first album 🙂  Hey, in this episode Kelli says, dream big and crazy!